Terrific Tales: If I Were A Invisible Man

Hello welcome to grade six! This is a story I wrote recently, please enjoy!

    Whew! What a day I had! I was invisible for 24 hours! You’ll never believe it! Come to think of it, I can’t remember what I did, the thought just “disappeared” from my mind! Since I can’t remember everything we’ll do this “Titanic” style, in flashbacks!


     If I remember, the first thing I did was sneak into the taping of a game show. I can remember what it was called but, saying it might put me in “Jeopardy!” I went onto the stage and started saying answers into the contestants ears, or should I say the questions? After a bit of that I went back into the seats but the host left and got a replacement. This made people angry and they wanted a refund of some weird currency, I think they said they wanted their “Tre back”. Anyway, things were getting pretty heated so I left.


     After that I think I… no wait I remember… oh yeah! I went to the red carpet premiere of that new superhero movie! I think it was in the franchise’s “Endgame” I think it could have been better though, unfortunately the critics disagreed. Before I left, I bought some merchandise. You may be wondering how I did that, the answer is that I took some merch when the guy left for a bit and put money in the register, I even did tax! There was a bit of a riot to get tickets which is why I didn’t stick around.


     After all that I put a mask on and went out to dinner, if anyone asked I said I was leaving from a costume party. The restaurant was quite pretty you could say it was nice “sushi”. I got some noodles and fish with bubble tea, it tasted very good with unlimited dessert the only problem is that the grill caught fire and everyone ran outside. Then I went back home and watched a cop show, something about a New York neighborhood and the number before 100. At 8:30 I went to bed.


That’s what I did the day I was invisible I hope you enjoyed this story, but don’t tell anyone about it. Goodbye and good night/afternoon/morning/other time!

Bienvenue au Frenchaissance!

Allo! Pour maintenant sur j’ai aussi un section francais. Y a pas vraiment je peux dire sur que.  Je espere tu jouir! Meme si j’ai déjà parle information sur moi voici qulques trucs.

Je m’appelle Griffin, j’ai onze ans, dans un maison j’a une chien. une soeur, une mere, et un pere. Je pratique a l’arc et raquet boule. À l’ecole je pense que cooperation est important. Je voudrais d’apprendre chimie. Je suis non defi par maths. je suis defi par avance francaise. mes camrades etudants me décrirait comme intéressé.

jackmac34 / Pixabay