Genius Hour!

Hi! For my genius hour this year I’m drawing a comic strip, this doc discusses my research.


A while ago I looked at a site for drawing tips,( it said to observe drawing styles, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I have been doing this by looking at comic strips online. Really there’s not too much I can say about this but I think I’ve improved a little. Another thing I’d mention is that I liked the simple style of strips like Cyanide and Happiness the best. My science connection is the science of inking. The reason cartoonists use so many different pens for inking is mainly because of depth and volume( This is important because that makes the comic look more three dimensional. You also might be wondering what the difference between the two is. According to the difference is that depth is how far something goes in, whereas volume is the space between the sides as well as the top and the bottom. There’s also the question of why there are so many different tools for inking. says that the main tools are brushes, quills, pens, and multiliners. I couldn’t however seem to find how they ink differently, but I would guess it changes the depth/volume of the art. As well I think I’ll mostly do one panel strips like The Far Side. I didn’t really have any failures but learning to draw better was actually really hard.(The Far Side)


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Winter Break 2019-2020

     This winter break I enjoyed many things, but best of all was the winter carnival! This exciting event took place behind the pool. The weather had been unsatisfactory for most of the time there, but that day it was excellent. The sun was shining, it was warm, and the sky was blue. When I got there they had already set up. There was loud music, although I don’t remember what songs. The funnel cake smelled tantalizingly heavenly and tasted so too! There were two rides, a swinging chairs carousel, and a Tilt-A-Whirl They both felt exhilarating to ride! We (that is, me and the other people who were riding the Tilt-A-Whirl) got the operator to make it swing even higher and faster! The thrill of riding it was astonishing! At one point I did an obstacle course shaped like a pirate ship, there isn’t much to say about this, except for that it was hard to climb up, and that it was massive. There was also a water gun game where the winner got a plushie. I won on my first try and got a stuffed snake for my cousins. Later I tried to win again, but I question the capability of the machine, seeing as it misidentified the winner constantly. Plus the man running the game didn’t bother to check. Not only that, but he took an excruciatingly long amount of time to start the game each round. In other words, it was incredibly annoying. There was also a game bus, I played Mario Kart in it, but they were so busy I had to get off after just one race. I also saw Emet Mornstein (he’s a friend of mine, I also may have spelled his name wrong). Then I went to the satellite pool with him for what I think was three hours,(I can’t remember) and that was Winter Carnival at Gleneagles, it was delightful, to say the least!