End of Year Reflection

Hi! This year has been an odd one, but we’re still here! I’m going to answer some questions about what this school year was like for me!

  1. How was my grade 6 experience overall? A: Pretty good, but getting used to distance learning was tough.
  2. What did I do well? A: I think I did pretty well in English.
  3. What are 3 goals I have for next year? A: 1, Improve my French pronunciation. 2, Improve my Hebrew skills. 3, Improve my paragraph writing.
  4. What are you most looking forward to about Summer? A: No more homework!
  5. What advice would you give the incoming class? A: It’s not as tough as it seems!
  6. What book would you recommend to others? A: “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” because it’s so funny.
  7. What was difficult about distance learning? A: Mostly technical problems like bad connections and poor microphones.

Mon Lettre Journal

For my final journal I wrote a letter about what I’ve learned and how I’ve changed from being in quarantine. Enjoy!


Bonjour! Ceci est un message pour tous ceux qui lisent ceci sur ce que j’ai appris sur moi-même de la quarantaine, avec l’intention de vous aider à apprendre des choses sur vous! À partir de maintenant! Je dirais que les choses ont changé massivement mais je me sens toujours à peu près la même chose. Je ne sais pas pourquoi c’est le cas, mais c’est le cas. Je me sens comme quarantaine est me rend plus fatigué, et d’un autre côté, j’ai amélioré comme mon ordinateur merci à l’école en ligne. J’ai remarqué que je suis à peu près la même chose que dans l’école normale ou en ligne. Lorsque tout cela sera terminé, je veux me rappeler qu’il y a une lueur d’espoir sur chaque nuage. Le confinement n’a pas vraiment changé grand-chose à ce que je souhaite pour l’avenir, si ce n’est de sortir enfin de la quarantaine. Merci et au revoir!


English Version: Hello! This is a message to everyone reading this on what I have learned about myself from quarantine, with the intention of helping you learn things about you! Beginning now! I would say that things have changed massively but I still feel pretty much the same. I don’t know why that is the case but it is. I feel like quarantine is making me more tired, but on the bright side, I’ve gotten better with my computer thanks to online school. I have noticed that I am about the same whether in normal or online school. When this is over I want to remember that there is a silver lining on every cloud. Being in lockdown has really not changed that much about what I want for the future other than to finally get out of quarantine. Thank you and good bye!