Paragraph of the week 10/25/2021

Do you consider yourself someone who takes “the road less traveled”? That is, are you an independent, free thinker who wishes to pave your own roads? If so, describe an experience in your life that demonstrates this characteristic. If not, why do you prefer to take “the road more often traveled”?


I consider myself to be an independent thinker capable of coming to my own conclusions, but that does not mean my thoughts are entirely formed without anyone else’s thoughts affecting them. Individuality is important, but as anyone who has studied the history of humanity can tell you, our communalism is our greatest strength. I take “the road more often traveled” most times because new paths are formed by branching off the old ones. That is, new thoughts are inspired by the old. Every ideology started with a different one, and every culture took years to be created. Taking the main road doesn’t mean you cannot pave new ones along the way. When you find a fork in the road, take it.