Paragraph of the week 11/1/2021:

Describe a place that you have traveled to that you hold close to your heart. What is so special about this place? (It doesn’t have to be a vacation spot. Some of the most special places may be close to home!)

The place I’ve traveled that is most special to me is actually a vacation spot. Every year during the Christmas break, much of my family goes to the Gleneagles resort in Fort Lauderdale Florida. No matter where they live the rest of the year, they will come and that is why it is special. For two weeks we can catch up with family from all over the USA and Canada. All our cousins in one place, and a nice place at that! I’m so happy that each year we can meet up with family we may have not had a chance to see in person all year! Unfortunately we could not go last year due to COVID, but this year we may be able to come again. Maybe it’s stereotypical but as they say, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

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