Paragraph of the week 11/29/2021

Brainstorm ways you can be a ”giver” and create a list of small, random acts of kindness and love that you can perform during the month of December. Choose one of the acts and explain in detail how you will do it and who may benefit from your act of kindness.

There are many ways to be a “giver”. You can donate to a food bank, or homeless people on the street. You can do services for free for those in poverty. You can even allow the homeless to stay in your own home, but that is quite extreme. The act of donating to a food bank is a simple but helpful act that can potentially save lives. It’s as simple as buying items from a list of requested items for a local food bank and bringing them to the food bank. This will benefit those who are too poor to afford food from a normal grocery store. I think food banks are not given enough contributions and I hope this post reminds you to donate to one. If you don’t have time you can donate money instead, which is sometimes even more beneficial for the bank than actual food.

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