Terrific Tales: If I Were A Invisible Man

Hello welcome to grade six! This is a story I wrote recently, please enjoy!

    Whew! What a day I had! I was invisible for 24 hours! You’ll never believe it! Come to think of it, I can’t remember what I did, the thought just “disappeared” from my mind! Since I can’t remember everything we’ll do this “Titanic” style, in flashbacks!


     If I remember, the first thing I did was sneak into the taping of a game show. I can remember what it was called but, saying it might put me in “Jeopardy!” I went onto the stage and started saying answers into the contestants ears, or should I say the questions? After a bit of that I went back into the seats but the host left and got a replacement. This made people angry and they wanted a refund of some weird currency, I think they said they wanted their “Tre back”. Anyway, things were getting pretty heated so I left.


     After that I think I… no wait I remember… oh yeah! I went to the red carpet premiere of that new superhero movie! I think it was in the franchise’s “Endgame” I think it could have been better though, unfortunately the critics disagreed. Before I left, I bought some merchandise. You may be wondering how I did that, the answer is that I took some merch when the guy left for a bit and put money in the register, I even did tax! There was a bit of a riot to get tickets which is why I didn’t stick around.


     After all that I put a mask on and went out to dinner, if anyone asked I said I was leaving from a costume party. The restaurant was quite pretty you could say it was nice “sushi”. I got some noodles and fish with bubble tea, it tasted very good with unlimited dessert the only problem is that the grill caught fire and everyone ran outside. Then I went back home and watched a cop show, something about a New York neighborhood and the number before 100. At 8:30 I went to bed.


That’s what I did the day I was invisible I hope you enjoyed this story, but don’t tell anyone about it. Goodbye and good night/afternoon/morning/other time!

Restaurant review!

This is my review of Tucker’s marketplace enjoy!


Hello readers! Today I’m going to give you the “scoop” on the “hot dish” of a restaurant that is Tucker’s marketplace! Tucker’s is a buffet in downtown Ontario Canada! The address is 61 York street, but now the review!


    The food at Tucker’s is absolutely delicious! I’m starving just thinking about it! They have incredible soup with a undiscribable flavour amazing meats with just the right combination of salty and savoury not to mention a “make your own pasta” station that’s truly to die for! But what’s the point to good food if it’s always the same? Well fear not, for Tucker’s regularly changes the menu! I mentioned the soup right? Well every day has two different kinds and a Chili! Some things though don’t change such as the desserts but they probably couldn’t afford that. Want a different sized piece of bread this month? Well being a buffet Tucker’s has customizable portion sizes! Want just a bit of Yorkshire pudding? What about a plate full? Guess what? You can have either!

This is fun but I’m getting carried away, on to the next paragraph!


Besides the incredible meals there’s plenty of reasons to like Tucker’s, for example if you are a family you will be delighted to know that Tucker’s is completely kid friendly! Nothing inappropriate will happen there! Not only that but if it is your birthday your main meal is free! Everyone else still has to pay though. And if you are worried about cost please note that some meals like the $14.99 lunch buffet are rather cheap, just as long as you can eat they’re worth. The atmosphere and appearance are absolutely stunning in every ! In case you are wondering what it looks like here is a link to some photos. yes Tucker’s marketplace is just beautiful inside and out! I’m very sorry if you didn’t use the link but we must advance to the third paragraph now!


Now even though there’s plenty of good things about Tucker’s marketplace it’s not perfect, fortunately I haven’t experienced a majority of these problems, so for the most part I am speaking from reviews and not experience. One major problem is that while some things are cheap others especially the drinks are rather expensive. Another problem is that some servers can be very rude in one case I found on trip advisor some people were seated near a open door which made it cold when they told their waitress about the problem she kept insisting the window and not the door was the problem and worse she refused to move them! If you want more examples check trip advisor or another site with reviews, but now it’s time to discuss my least favourite thing about Tucker’s marketplace, the long wait times! Wait time at Tucker’s is generally moderate to long. I was unfortunately unable to find the official statistic but I do know that it can sometimes take longer than 15 minutes to be seated! Oh?Once again it’s time for a paragraph switch!


    We are now at the conclusion of this review so I will now rephrase, in paragraph one I talked about the incredible stunning delicious edible advantages of Tucker’s, in paragraph two I discussed a variety of non food based reasons it is a great place, and in paragraph three I told you about the sometimes bearable sometimes not flaws of the restaurant. Overall I give Tucker’s 4.5 out of five stars ⭐️! Now in conclusion? Tucker’s is a amazing place and I hope you will dine there soon!

Public speaking

Recently we did  public speaking at my school this is my speech.

Did you know that 1 in every 10,000 people (myself included) have adrenal insufficiency. Just so you know that is a medical condition. Good whatever the time is students, teachers, and possibly judges, today you ask and today I tell you. What is adrenal insufficiency? Why is it a problem? And how do I feel about having it?


Adrenal insufficiency is when the adrenal glands,  which are glands that make hormones, don’t produce enough steroid hormones, mainly cortisol. But what does that mean? Let me explain. As you can probably guess, the adrenal glands have the job of producing steroid hormones, which are steroids that act as hormones. Yes there are natural steroids in your body, but I won’t talk about that. As a result, it can impair production of aldosterone, something that helps you conserve sodium. Since you lose sodium, a component of salt, there’s a likely chance you’ll crave salty food, I know I do! There are 3 types of adrenal insufficiency. Primary, secondary, and tertiary. The differences are how you get them. I have primary, which is mainly caused by Addison’s disease. It can also be caused by something unknown or in my case, congenital adrenal hypoplasia.


Why is all that a problem?Congenital adrenal hypoplasia is the result of a gene mutation that can affect production of (sighs) sex steroids, which can delay puberty, stop it entirely, and in my case, cause it to trigger early. Fortunately, I haven’t experienced a lot of the affects, just some hair growth. However, I also need to take cortisol pills regularly. Now is the time to mention what cortisol actually does. It can regulate metabolism, suppress the immune system, control blood sugar and more!  It also helps the body react to stress, buuut cortisol is necessary for life. If someone with adrenal insufficiency gets seriously injured or sick, they can go into a low cortisol state called adrenal crisis, which can lead to death.


So how do I feel about all this? What are my experiences relative to adrenal insufficiency?

Well, when I was in second grade, I found out I had adrenal insufficiency. That was a bit surprising but I went on with my life. From then on I had to take regular cortisol pills. When I started with the pills I would often forget to take them. I still forget sometimes today! I also started visiting the doctor more frequently. About once every three months! That year, if my memory doesn’t desert me, was the first time I got pancreatitis. At first I thought it was related to my adrenal insufficiency but turns out it’s not! I also started having to get bloodwork done whenever I went to the doctor. The frequent pancreatitis also meant other things like visiting a dietitian. Now’s the time to admit something, before I started writing this speech, I barely knew what adrenal insufficiency was. Now I know more, but there are still things no one knows!


I’ve had adrenal insufficiency for around 3 years now. In that time a lot has happened to me. Adrenal insufficiency is a relatively unknown condition unless you have it of course. It can cause problems but ultimately it’s not that bad compared to other medical conditions. As I mentioned before, there’s still things we’re learning about it all the time and you should donate to a research program if you so wish. Most days I barely think about the fact that I have adrenal insufficiency. I’ll admit I barely even remember the night I found out I had it.  I do remember it was late at night and my parents told me that I had adrenal insufficiency. I’m not sure what I thought in that moment, but it likely was, “Huh, I guess this is happening now.”

The speech is now finished but if you want to learn more about adrenal insufficiency check out this link.