End of Year Reflection

Hi! This year has been an odd one, but we’re still here! I’m going to answer some questions about what this school year was like for me!

  1. How was my grade 6 experience overall? A: Pretty good, but getting used to distance learning was tough.
  2. What did I do well? A: I think I did pretty well in English.
  3. What are 3 goals I have for next year? A: 1, Improve my French pronunciation. 2, Improve my Hebrew skills. 3, Improve my paragraph writing.
  4. What are you most looking forward to about Summer? A: No more homework!
  5. What advice would you give the incoming class? A: It’s not as tough as it seems!
  6. What book would you recommend to others? A: “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” because it’s so funny.
  7. What was difficult about distance learning? A: Mostly technical problems like bad connections and poor microphones.

Mon Lettre Journal

For my final journal I wrote a letter about what I’ve learned and how I’ve changed from being in quarantine. Enjoy!


Bonjour! Ceci est un message pour tous ceux qui lisent ceci sur ce que j’ai appris sur moi-même de la quarantaine, avec l’intention de vous aider à apprendre des choses sur vous! À partir de maintenant! Je dirais que les choses ont changé massivement mais je me sens toujours à peu près la même chose. Je ne sais pas pourquoi c’est le cas, mais c’est le cas. Je me sens comme quarantaine est me rend plus fatigué, et d’un autre côté, j’ai amélioré comme mon ordinateur merci à l’école en ligne. J’ai remarqué que je suis à peu près la même chose que dans l’école normale ou en ligne. Lorsque tout cela sera terminé, je veux me rappeler qu’il y a une lueur d’espoir sur chaque nuage. Le confinement n’a pas vraiment changé grand-chose à ce que je souhaite pour l’avenir, si ce n’est de sortir enfin de la quarantaine. Merci et au revoir!


English Version: Hello! This is a message to everyone reading this on what I have learned about myself from quarantine, with the intention of helping you learn things about you! Beginning now! I would say that things have changed massively but I still feel pretty much the same. I don’t know why that is the case but it is. I feel like quarantine is making me more tired, but on the bright side, I’ve gotten better with my computer thanks to online school. I have noticed that I am about the same whether in normal or online school. When this is over I want to remember that there is a silver lining on every cloud. Being in lockdown has really not changed that much about what I want for the future other than to finally get out of quarantine. Thank you and good bye!

Israeli Technology!

I just watched two videos by the grade 8’s on Israeli tech. Here are the links:

The videos were rather informative and gave good descriptions on how the tech worked. I would suggest you watch them you also might be interested in the other videos from this link. Comment what you think!

Mon Video Journal

This biweek I made a video recording on the enviroment for my journal. Enjoy!


Script: L’économiste et environnementaliste britannique Barbara Ward a dit un jour “Nous avons oublié comment être de bons invités, comment marcher légèrement sur la terre comme le font ses autres créatures.” (Earth911.com). Je dirais que c’est un bon exemple de la situation actuelle de la planète. Je dirais parce que comme nous avons perturbé avec la planète en plusieurs façon comme vous verrez. Voici pourquoi. Peuple avoir été détruire l’environnement. Selon le guardian c’est obtenu danc mal, que deux dans un cinq amphibean species est à risque. Au-delà que, mammifère biomasse est a diminué de quatre-vingt-deux percent. Selon sciencedaily.com en ce qui concerne de trois mille ans dans le passé l’humanité a été agriculture envahissante. downtoearth.org indique que quatre-vingt-cinq percent de zones humides est été détruit. Si je devais avoir ma propre citation, il serait, “Respectez la nature et elle vous respecte. Sinon, c’est une grosse erreur.” Longue et bonne journée!

English version: British economist and environmentalist Barbara Ward once said, “We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth like the other creatures do.” (Earth911.com). I would say that’s a good example of where we are today. I say this because as we have disturbed the planet in many ways as you will see. Here’s how people have been destroying the environment. According to the guardian two in five amphibian species are at risk. Beyond that, mammal biomass has decreased by eighty-two percent. According to sciencedaily.com as much three thousand years in the past mankind has been invasive farming. downtoearth.org indicates that eighty-five percent of wetlands have been destroyed. If I were to have my own quote, it would be, “Respect nature and it respects you. If not it’s a big mistake.” So long and good day!


Watts, Jonathan. “Human Society under Urgent Threat from Loss of Earth’s Natural Life.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 6 May 2019, www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/may/06/human-society-under-urgent-threat-loss-earth-natural-life-un-report.


BrassawBrian, Brian, and Instagram. “Earth Day: 23 of the Greatest Environmental Quotes.” Earth911.Com, 13 Apr. 2020, earth911.com/inspire/earth-day-23-quotes/.

Stephens, Lucas. “Ancient Civilizations Were Already Messing up the Planet.” ScienceDaily, ScienceDaily, 29 Aug. 2019, www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/08/190829150702.htm.

“Human Actions Have Made a Huge Mess of Natural World.” Down To Earth, www.downtoearth.org.in/video/climate-change/human-actions-have-made-a-huge-mess-of-natural-world-64407.


My science teacher told the class to put one of our homework assignments on our blogs so here it is!

For the first part of this assignment we had to classify three leaves unfortunately I can’t post what the leaves look like but here is a link to the slide show that has the images: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ICnvMtmHYDSL1MF7JNeWLRSYoVu56eq6/view

The answers are: Leaf #1 is a pitch pine leaf. Leaf #2 is a maple leaf. Leaf #3 is probably a hickory leaf.

Next I had to explain the differences between coniferous and deciduous trees I said: Coniferous trees have needle or scale leaves and they don’t fall off in Autumn. Deciduous trees have larger leaves that change color and fall from the tree in Autumn.

I also took photos of three trees around my house and classified them but I can’t paste the images here for some reasons so here’s the link to the google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aUNsO_VlSpWpfD87sXRkdPDbs2JBUg7GwmUHOyC9y6I/edit

I’m also supposed to say what this teach’s us about biodiversity and I guess that the answer is that there are a lot of different trees on this planet as all the photos showed and that is a good thing.

Mon Podcast Journal

For my journal this week I made a podcast about the environment and COVID-19. Here is the script and the article I based this on and the podcasts themselves:


Article: https://www.yorkregion.com/opinion-story/9959589-how-covid-19-is-good-news-for-the-environment/


French version: Comme tout le monde le sait, l’environnement est depuis longtemps une question importante. Les changements climatiques ont lentement détruit la planète. Selon Beverly Golden, journaliste pour Yorkregion.com, cette pandémie a été formidable pour la planète ! Explorons pourquoi. Selon l’article, la pollution de l’air a tellement diminué en Chine que l’air plus pur a sauvé environ 77 000 vies au cours de l’épidémie plus que le virus lui-même n’a tué. Et ce n’est pas seulement l’air qui guérit de cette pandémie! Malheureusement, en raison de tous ceux qui utilisent des gants en plastique et masques pollution plastique est à la hausse. Le coronavirus pourrait également faire un grand changement dans notre sensibilisation aux changements climatiques. Selon les vapeurs de circulation de l’université de Harvard causent des poumons plus faibles et par conséquent une plus grande chance de mourir de COVID-19. Selon Inger Anderson, le responsable environnemental de l’ONU tente de nous envoyer un message à travers le virus. Si nous négligeons la planète, la nature implosera. La question ici est évidente : allons-nous continuer à polluer la terre ou la pandémie mondiale va-t-elle enfin nous servir de leçon? Quelle est la réponse ?

Podcast link: https://voicethread.com/share/14464464/

English version: As everyone knows, the environment has long been an important matter. Climate change has been slowly destroying the planet. According to Beverly Golden, a reporter for YorkRegion.com this pandemic has been great for the planet! Let’s explore why. According to the article air pollution has decreased so significantly in China the cleaner air has saved an estimated 77,000 lives over the course of the outbreak, noticeably more than the virus itself has killed. And it isn’t just the air that’s healing from this pandemic! Unfortunately as a result of all the one use plastic gloves and masks plastic pollution is up. The coronavirus could also make a big change in our awareness of climate change. According to Harvard university traffic fumes cause weaker lungs and as a result a higher chance of dying from COVID-19. According to Inger Anderson the UN environmental chief nature is attempting to send us a message through the virus. If we neglect the planet then nature will implode. The question here is obvious will we continue to pollute the earth or will the global pandemic finally teach us our lesson? What do you think the answer is?

Podcast link: https://voicethread.com/share/14464518/

Mon Journal Manuscrite

Hi! This week I made a handwritten journal. The topic this week was “What are you going to do during quarantine?” Enjoy!

Hey I couldn’t take a photo so I’ll type it instead.

Bonjour! J’ai eu tellement de temps libre dernèment! Voici quelques-unes des choses que j’envisage de faire. Pratiquer l’art. comme vous le savez, j’ai fait des bondes dessinées, pour mon heure de génie cette anée et ma mère mà récemment donné un carnet de croquis. Donc je vais certainement essayer de pratiquer mon art. Pratiquer guitare. La musique était l’option que j’ai pour les deux premiers semestres et je l’aurais reprise si elle n’avait pas été supprimée. La guitare de mon père est au sous sol, peut-etre que j’apprendrai un novel accord!


English version:

Hello! I’ve had lots of free time lately! Here are some of the things I might do with it. Practice art. As you might know I made comics for my genius hour this year, also my mom gave me a sketchbook. So I will definitely try to practice my art. Practice guitar. music was my elective for the first two semesters and I would have taken it again if it hadn’t been axed. My dad’s guitar is in the basement, so maybe I’ll learn some new chords!

Mon Choice Journal

This is my third journal entry so far, I hope you’ve enjoyed them! As usual there’s an English version at the bottom


     Pour ce journal de semaines J’ai décidé de faire ces 2 défis 10 : Apprenez ce qu’est une empreinte carbone, et effectuer un test en ligne pour savoir ce que le vôtre est, et 9 : Éteignez l’eau tout en brossant votre dents. 


     Quels deux défis vas-tu accomplir? 1- Je fais le défi #10 : découvrir ce qu’est une empreinte carbone, et faire un test pour savoir ce que le vôtre est. Et défi #9 : Éteignez l’eau tout en vous brossant les dents.


     Quels sont les bénéfices pour ta maison et la planète d’accomplir ces 2 défis? 2- #10: Mon empreinte carbone est la quantité de C02 que je mets dans l’air. Si je connais mon empreinte carbone, je peux fixer des objectifs pour la réduire de certaines quantités, ce qui signifie qu’il y aura moins de CO2 dans l’air. #9: Si je laisse l’eau allumée pendant que je me brosse les dents, l’eau est gaspillée parce qu’elle va dans le réservoir d’eaux usées, même si elle est encore utilisable. Si je ne le fais pas, l’eau ne sera pas gaspillée.


     Était-ce facile ou difficile de réussir? Et pourquoi? 3- #9: Celui-ci était vraiment facile, celui-ci était vraiment facile, je fais généralement ceci, et je vais essayer de réduire la consommation d’eau en général. #10: La première partie est facile, je sais déjà ce qu’est une empreinte carbone. J’ai utilisé le site Web J’ai utilisé le site Webhttps://calc.zerofootprint.net/results pour calculer mon empreinte. Je ne pense pas qu’il utilise l’échelle régulière, mais je n’ai pas beaucoup de renseignements que ces calculatrices utilisent. Mon empreinte carbone est de 4,61 et la moyenne mondiale est de 2,17, je ne sais pas ce que c’est. Ce n’était pas trop difficile, mais maintenant que je le sais, je vais essayer de réduire mon empreinte.


     Lorsque tu penses à sauver l’environnement, quelle est ta passion? Sur quel sujet veux-tu en apprendre plus? Durant cette pandémie, que peux-tu faire de positif à la maison pour aider l’environnement? 4- Ici à la maison en ce moment, je peux utiliser moins d’électronique, et rembobiner des vêtements puisque je ne sors pas. I wouldn’t say I’m especially passionate about any particular part of the environment.


English Version: 


     For this weekly diary I decided to do these 2 challenges 10: Learn what a carbon footprint is, and do an online test to find out what yours is, and 9: Turn off the water while brushing your teeth


     What two challenges are you going to accomplish? 1- I challenge #10: find out what a carbon footprint is, and test what yours is. And challenge #9: Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.


     What are the benefits for your home and the planet to accomplish these 2 challenges? 2- #10: My carbon footprint is the amount of CO2 I put in the air. If I know my carbon footprint, I can set targets to reduce it by certain amounts, which means there will be less CO2 in the air. #9: If I leave the water on while I brush my teeth, the water is wasted because it goes into the waste water tank, even if it is still usable. If I don’t, the water won’t be wasted.


     Was it easy or difficult to succeed? And why? 3- #9: This one was really easy, I generally do this, and I will try to reduce water consumption in general. #10: The first part is easy, I already know what a carbon footprint is. I used the website I used the Webhttps://calc.zerofootprint.net/results website to calculate my footprint. I don’t think they use the regular scale, but I don’t have a lot of information that these calculators use. My carbon footprint is 4.61 and the global average is 2.17, I don’t know what unit it is though. It wasn’t too difficult, but now that I know, I’ll try to reduce my footprint.


     When you think about saving the environment, what is your passion? What do you want to learn more about? During this pandemic, what can you do positive at home to help the environment? 4- Here at home right now, I can use less electronics, and rewind clothes since I don’t go out. I wouldn’t say I’m especially passionate about any particular part of the environment.

How Google Works

Hello! Very recently I did an English project on the book “How Google Works” by Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg. As part of this project I created 3 podcast episodes about the book. I chose to do the podcast because I haven’t done something like this before. Most of the dialogue is commentary on the things the book says. In episode 2 I talked with my father about the book. Here are the links, enjoy!: https://voicethread.com/share/13998813/



I hoped you liked those podcasts! Tell me if it made you want to read this book. If I did this project again one thing I might change is having another guest in one of the episodes.

377053 / Pixabay

Le journal d’hashtags



Hashtag#1: #Entreprisesreçoiventunsoutien: Je fais ce hashtag parce que, Justin Trudeau a promis de verser aux petites et moyennes entreprises des paiements équivalant à 75 % de leur revenu normal.


Hashtag#2: #Espérantpourl’avenir: Je fais ce hashtag parce que, je pense qui si l’économie reste fort science aura le financement à faire un vaccin coronavirus.


Hashtag#3: #Soutenirenterpriseslocales: Je fais ce hashtag parce que, nous devons tout ordre de entreprises locales quand nous pouvons.


English Version:


Hashtag #1: #BusinessesReciveAid: I made this hashtag because Justin Trudeau has promised to give small to medium sized businesses payment equal to 75% of their standard earnings.


Hashtag#2: #Hopingforthefuture: I made this hashtag because, I think if the economy stays strong, science will have the funding to create a coronavirus vaccine.


Hashtag#3: #Supportlocalbusinesses: I made this hashtag because, we should all order from local businesses whenever we can.