My Innovation Day Reflection

For Innovation day this year we made slideshows on simple machines and recorded ourselves presenting them. This video was made by Meirav and I:

We were asked to reflect on our Innovation Day projects, here is my reflection:

Before I started this project I was interested in learning more about levers, which I got to do. I was nervous about figuring out the actual method of measuring the force used, since I was not sure how I would do that, but it ended up being pretty easy thanks to Mr Ray showing us a procedure. To be honest I was also not looking forward to this reflection, and even now I am not enjoying it. If I did this project again I think I would spend more time working on it outside of school.

My Currency Converter

Recently in math class we coded apps that could convert currency. We all made separate apps using the same slideshow made by Mrs Cleveland. The app can show you the exchange rate from Euros, Pesos, Pounds, US dollars, or Yuans to Canadian dollars. There is also a calculator that converts the amount of currency you typed in. We started by coding a dropdown box to choose the currency you wanted to convert and using an event block to show a set variable that contained the exchange rate. Then we used a different event block to calculate the amount of currency you typed into a text entry box. It was not always easy. Sometimes the slideshow was confusing or I would mistype some code without noticing it and it would make the app fail, but I did manage to complete it. I enjoyed seeing how combining certain blocks changed the way it worked, and experimenting with the code when it was not working as intended. I think everybody should learn at least a little about coding because of how prominent computers are in modern society. Here is the link to my app.


My science teacher told the class to put one of our homework assignments on our blogs so here it is!

For the first part of this assignment we had to classify three leaves unfortunately I can’t post what the leaves look like but here is a link to the slide show that has the images:

The answers are: Leaf #1 is a pitch pine leaf. Leaf #2 is a maple leaf. Leaf #3 is probably a hickory leaf.

Next I had to explain the differences between coniferous and deciduous trees I said: Coniferous trees have needle or scale leaves and they don’t fall off in Autumn. Deciduous trees have larger leaves that change color and fall from the tree in Autumn.

I also took photos of three trees around my house and classified them but I can’t paste the images here for some reasons so here’s the link to the google doc:

I’m also supposed to say what this teach’s us about biodiversity and I guess that the answer is that there are a lot of different trees on this planet as all the photos showed and that is a good thing.