My end of year reflection

The school year is ending and as usual we have to write a reflection on the year. My advice for the upcoming class is, you will have to do this assignment too! But for real, I would say that it won’t be that different from grade 6 so you don’t need to worry to much. What I personally wish I would have known is that we would have gone into quarantine. But I also would have wanted to know about the journal project in extended french earlier, so is you are in extended ask Mr Cinanni about it.

Now to answer some questions, how was my experience over all? I would say it was somewhat boring because of quarantine, but I liked it aside from a few assignments. What did I do well at? I would say that I did very well at english and math. What am I looking forward to the most about summer? I am very excited to go to CBB. And what books can I recommend? I would recommend “The Tipping Point” by Malcom Gladwell. Have a great day!

End of Year Reflection

Hi! This year has been an odd one, but we’re still here! I’m going to answer some questions about what this school year was like for me!

  1. How was my grade 6 experience overall? A: Pretty good, but getting used to distance learning was tough.
  2. What did I do well? A: I think I did pretty well in English.
  3. What are 3 goals I have for next year? A: 1, Improve my French pronunciation. 2, Improve my Hebrew skills. 3, Improve my paragraph writing.
  4. What are you most looking forward to about Summer? A: No more homework!
  5. What advice would you give the incoming class? A: It’s not as tough as it seems!
  6. What book would you recommend to others? A: “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” because it’s so funny.
  7. What was difficult about distance learning? A: Mostly technical problems like bad connections and poor microphones.

Math Exam Review

This is a series of reflection questions from before and after my math exam. This was our first exam, and it was a couple weeks ago. It was worth 20% of our math grade. To help us study we got a mock exam and a review packet. We had 90 minutes on the exam.


  1. How are you feeling about your first exam? A: I was feeling fine, but the exam prep is so cheesy and annoying it’s made me more stressed. I’m still feeling good, but I was feeling better before.

2. How did you feel about the Mock Exam? A: I’m disappointed I got some questions wrong, but for the most part I just misread questions so I’m not too worried.

3. How have you been studying? A: I’ve mostly been getting people to ask me questions, so far it’s been working well.

 4. What has been working? What has not? A: As far as I can tell, everything I’ve been doing has been working.


  1. How did you study? A: After I completed the mock exam I got the counselors at homework club at the JCC to ask me questions.


  1. How did writing the exam feel? A: When I was writing the exam it felt ordinary. It wasn’t that special.


  1. Did you feel prepared for the exam? A: Yes! There really isn’t that much else to say about this.

This is an Explain Everything I made on variables. I made this so other people can learn about variables.

Variable Equations Griffin

This is a picture of the three middle school exams.

Winter Break 2019-2020

     This winter break I enjoyed many things, but best of all was the winter carnival! This exciting event took place behind the pool. The weather had been unsatisfactory for most of the time there, but that day it was excellent. The sun was shining, it was warm, and the sky was blue. When I got there they had already set up. There was loud music, although I don’t remember what songs. The funnel cake smelled tantalizingly heavenly and tasted so too! There were two rides, a swinging chairs carousel, and a Tilt-A-Whirl They both felt exhilarating to ride! We (that is, me and the other people who were riding the Tilt-A-Whirl) got the operator to make it swing even higher and faster! The thrill of riding it was astonishing! At one point I did an obstacle course shaped like a pirate ship, there isn’t much to say about this, except for that it was hard to climb up, and that it was massive. There was also a water gun game where the winner got a plushie. I won on my first try and got a stuffed snake for my cousins. Later I tried to win again, but I question the capability of the machine, seeing as it misidentified the winner constantly. Plus the man running the game didn’t bother to check. Not only that, but he took an excruciatingly long amount of time to start the game each round. In other words, it was incredibly annoying. There was also a game bus, I played Mario Kart in it, but they were so busy I had to get off after just one race. I also saw Emet Mornstein (he’s a friend of mine, I also may have spelled his name wrong). Then I went to the satellite pool with him for what I think was three hours,(I can’t remember) and that was Winter Carnival at Gleneagles, it was delightful, to say the least!

My Birthday!

Hi! I am writing to say that my birthday is in six days. It happens to land on the last day of school this year! My party is this weekend with my sister Audrey. (Audrey if you read this please comment) One thing I really like about my birthday is that it happens at about the same time as the end of school so I age with the passing of the school year!

cbaquiran / Pixabay