My Currency Converter

Recently in math class we coded apps that could convert currency. We all made separate apps using the same slideshow made by Mrs Cleveland. The app can show you the exchange rate from Euros, Pesos, Pounds, US dollars, or Yuans to Canadian dollars. There is also a calculator that converts the amount of currency you typed in. We started by coding a dropdown box to choose the currency you wanted to convert and using an event block to show a set variable that contained the exchange rate. Then we used a different event block to calculate the amount of currency you typed into a text entry box. It was not always easy. Sometimes the slideshow was confusing or I would mistype some code without noticing it and it would make the app fail, but I did manage to complete it. I enjoyed seeing how combining certain blocks changed the way it worked, and experimenting with the code when it was not working as intended. I think everybody should learn at least a little about coding because of how prominent computers are in modern society. Here is the link to my app.

מדוע כתבתי דוח על תמנון חקיין-Why I wrote a report on the mimic octopus

Over the last two weeks in Hebrew class, we have been working on making descriptive cards based on an animal of our choice. I chose the mimic octopus

I chose this creature for a maybe odd reason. When I was 7 or 8 I was watching the cartoon Octonauts with my cousins. The episode was about the mimic octopus and I’ve remembered the creature ever since.

The ID card is below:

במהלך השבועיים האחרונים בשיעור עברית, עבדנו על הכנת קלפי תיאור על פי חיה שבחרנו. בחרתי תמנון חקיין

בחרתי ביצור הזה מסיבה אולי מוזרה. כשהייתי בת 7 או 8 צפיתי בסרטים המצוירים אוקטונאוט עם בני דודי. הפרק עסק בתמנון חקיין

:הכרטיס נמצא למטה