Paragraph of the week 12/6/2021


Do you agree with this quote? Why or why not? Provide an example from your own life that supports your reasoning.

I agree with this quote. Humans are naturally compassionate and social, and that means that one person’s mood can affect everyone. Showing someone kindness will result in that person being kind to you. I can relate this to my family and my twin sister Audrey. We don’t always get along, but when we do put aside our differences and help each other out it often results in happiness for us both. Always be kind.

Paragraph of the week 11/29/2021

Brainstorm ways you can be a ”giver” and create a list of small, random acts of kindness and love that you can perform during the month of December. Choose one of the acts and explain in detail how you will do it and who may benefit from your act of kindness.

There are many ways to be a “giver”. You can donate to a food bank, or homeless people on the street. You can do services for free for those in poverty. You can even allow the homeless to stay in your own home, but that is quite extreme. The act of donating to a food bank is a simple but helpful act that can potentially save lives. It’s as simple as buying items from a list of requested items for a local food bank and bringing them to the food bank. This will benefit those who are too poor to afford food from a normal grocery store. I think food banks are not given enough contributions and I hope this post reminds you to donate to one. If you don’t have time you can donate money instead, which is sometimes even more beneficial for the bank than actual food.

Paragraph of the week 11/15/2021:

I have had to show courage the first time I went away to sleep away camp at CBB. It can be scary having to live away from your family and your home, but you get over it after a little bit. You can still get homesick though, which is a little different than fear. I feel that the hardest thing about courage is that little nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you aren’t making the right choice and that everything is about to go wrong. The only solution is simply to ignore that feeling and march on. Ultimately the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Paragraph of the week 11/1/2021:

Describe a place that you have traveled to that you hold close to your heart. What is so special about this place? (It doesn’t have to be a vacation spot. Some of the most special places may be close to home!)

The place I’ve traveled that is most special to me is actually a vacation spot. Every year during the Christmas break, much of my family goes to the Gleneagles resort in Fort Lauderdale Florida. No matter where they live the rest of the year, they will come and that is why it is special. For two weeks we can catch up with family from all over the USA and Canada. All our cousins in one place, and a nice place at that! I’m so happy that each year we can meet up with family we may have not had a chance to see in person all year! Unfortunately we could not go last year due to COVID, but this year we may be able to come again. Maybe it’s stereotypical but as they say, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Paragraph of the week 10/25/2021

Do you consider yourself someone who takes “the road less traveled”? That is, are you an independent, free thinker who wishes to pave your own roads? If so, describe an experience in your life that demonstrates this characteristic. If not, why do you prefer to take “the road more often traveled”?


I consider myself to be an independent thinker capable of coming to my own conclusions, but that does not mean my thoughts are entirely formed without anyone else’s thoughts affecting them. Individuality is important, but as anyone who has studied the history of humanity can tell you, our communalism is our greatest strength. I take “the road more often traveled” most times because new paths are formed by branching off the old ones. That is, new thoughts are inspired by the old. Every ideology started with a different one, and every culture took years to be created. Taking the main road doesn’t mean you cannot pave new ones along the way. When you find a fork in the road, take it.

My end of year reflection

The school year is ending and as usual we have to write a reflection on the year. My advice for the upcoming class is, you will have to do this assignment too! But for real, I would say that it won’t be that different from grade 6 so you don’t need to worry to much. What I personally wish I would have known is that we would have gone into quarantine. But I also would have wanted to know about the journal project in extended french earlier, so is you are in extended ask Mr Cinanni about it.

Now to answer some questions, how was my experience over all? I would say it was somewhat boring because of quarantine, but I liked it aside from a few assignments. What did I do well at? I would say that I did very well at english and math. What am I looking forward to the most about summer? I am very excited to go to CBB. And what books can I recommend? I would recommend “The Tipping Point” by Malcom Gladwell. Have a great day!

My Currency Converter

Recently in math class we coded apps that could convert currency. We all made separate apps using the same slideshow made by Mrs Cleveland. The app can show you the exchange rate from Euros, Pesos, Pounds, US dollars, or Yuans to Canadian dollars. There is also a calculator that converts the amount of currency you typed in. We started by coding a dropdown box to choose the currency you wanted to convert and using an event block to show a set variable that contained the exchange rate. Then we used a different event block to calculate the amount of currency you typed into a text entry box. It was not always easy. Sometimes the slideshow was confusing or I would mistype some code without noticing it and it would make the app fail, but I did manage to complete it. I enjoyed seeing how combining certain blocks changed the way it worked, and experimenting with the code when it was not working as intended. I think everybody should learn at least a little about coding because of how prominent computers are in modern society. Here is the link to my app.