My end of year reflection

The school year is ending and as usual we have to write a reflection on the year. My advice for the upcoming class is, you will have to do this assignment too! But for real, I would say that it won’t be that different from grade 6 so you don’t need to worry to much. What I personally wish I would have known is that we would have gone into quarantine. But I also would have wanted to know about the journal project in extended french earlier, so is you are in extended ask Mr Cinanni about it.

Now to answer some questions, how was my experience over all? I would say it was somewhat boring because of quarantine, but I liked it aside from a few assignments. What did I do well at? I would say that I did very well at english and math. What am I looking forward to the most about summer? I am very excited to go to CBB. And what books can I recommend? I would recommend “The Tipping Point” by Malcom Gladwell. Have a great day!

My Currency Converter

Recently in math class we coded apps that could convert currency. We all made separate apps using the same slideshow made by Mrs Cleveland. The app can show you the exchange rate from Euros, Pesos, Pounds, US dollars, or Yuans to Canadian dollars. There is also a calculator that converts the amount of currency you typed in. We started by coding a dropdown box to choose the currency you wanted to convert and using an event block to show a set variable that contained the exchange rate. Then we used a different event block to calculate the amount of currency you typed into a text entry box. It was not always easy. Sometimes the slideshow was confusing or I would mistype some code without noticing it and it would make the app fail, but I did manage to complete it. I enjoyed seeing how combining certain blocks changed the way it worked, and experimenting with the code when it was not working as intended. I think everybody should learn at least a little about coding because of how prominent computers are in modern society. Here is the link to my app.

מדוע כתבתי דוח על תמנון חקיין-Why I wrote a report on the mimic octopus

Over the last two weeks in Hebrew class, we have been working on making descriptive cards based on an animal of our choice. I chose the mimic octopus

I chose this creature for a maybe odd reason. When I was 7 or 8 I was watching the cartoon Octonauts with my cousins. The episode was about the mimic octopus and I’ve remembered the creature ever since.

The ID card is below:

במהלך השבועיים האחרונים בשיעור עברית, עבדנו על הכנת קלפי תיאור על פי חיה שבחרנו. בחרתי תמנון חקיין

בחרתי ביצור הזה מסיבה אולי מוזרה. כשהייתי בת 7 או 8 צפיתי בסרטים המצוירים אוקטונאוט עם בני דודי. הפרק עסק בתמנון חקיין

:הכרטיס נמצא למטה

My COVIDcation

This winter break was rather unusual, but I still enjoyed it! For the first four days my family rented out a COVID safe cabin in a nearby place (this was before the lockdown). We went on a hike there, and there was even a hot tub! Normally we would go to my grandparents condo in Florida for the break and several of our other relatives also come. Unfortunately, this was not an option this year for obvious reasons. While I missed Florida, the cabin was very nice, and I was happy we went.


I was aware we were going to the cabin for the first part of the break, and I felt that after we went home it would be as boring as watching paint dry. I was mostly correct, but some interesting things happened. For example during the second week of the break my paternal aunt, uncle, and cousins visited and we got to go on walks with them which was neat. So at the very least the break didn’t drag on forever. I also started playing Assassins Creed 3 thanks to Ben lending me a copy. My family and I also saw the Tik Tok Ratatouille musical, as well as Knives Out. I also took the free time to write longer and more complex sessions for my Dungeons and Dragons group, which was a major part of my staying sane.


My family does not have many traditions for winter break and New Year’s. Going to Florida was the only one. We don’t make resolutions, or have a party. I do not have many goals for 2021 but I would say my main goals are to be more social (inhibited by the pandemic), try new things, and practice for my Bar Mitzvah. I just hope it won’t be as bad as the wart of a year that was 2020.


Visual(This was the cottage we stayed at):

My Jewish Values

Recently in class we did a jewish studies project where we picked 5 jewish values from a list and did a slideshow on them. This was to teach us about the many jewish values, and we did learn about many of them. Here is my slideshow!:

After presenting it I feel that I over crowded the slides with info and I should have made cue cards instead, but other than that I think I did a good job.

My OJCS “Set the Scene”!

My class recently did an assignment where we had to write about a day of school as if we were sending it to a film producer who would make a movie about the school. The goal of this assignment was to improve our descriptive writing, I’d say it did improve my descriptions. Here’s mine! (Be warned that the day I talk about didn’t happen, it’s just a day that could happen with some events that did happen mixed in):

Dear Mr Fake Director, 


Welcome to OJCS! I will now walk you through a day in my life! 🎵It’s a lovely Friday morning and I’m waiting at the door. There are lots of people with me but I’ve seen them all before! The door opens and I go in. Sanitize my hands and-🎵 you know what? I’m not rhyming this. The stairway is shiny, perhaps it was freshly polished? I walk up saying hi to the other students as I venture through the deep hallway. I walk through the hall watching lots of kids go into colourful and exciting classrooms. Oh? I’m at my stop! I walk into Mr. Wash’s class. The first thing I see is the teacher’s desk. Between it and me is the smartboard, and on my right is the speaker and phone. I take my seat at the back of the class and start chatting with the other students because our class doesn’t start for another 15 minutes. The desks are 3-4 feet apart from what I can tell and they are relatively bland looking. “BING BOM!” The bell has rung! Mr. Wash walks in and describes today’s lesson. Give me a minute, this is important. (One hour and 20 minutes later) Whoops, I forgot about you! That was a boring two periods anyway! So much grammar, and math! At least it’s Phys Ed now. We go out to the field, it seems we’re playing baseball! I’m fourth at-bat, and after 3 singles in a row, bases are loaded and I’m due up to bat! The ball hurls towards me. As time slows down I swing, it’s a home run! I’m a her- Okay I may have over-exaggerated that. The bases were empty and I struck out, but at least it’s snack time now! Mmm, my apple is sweet today! Wow, that’s a good babybel! (Is that product placement?) Ah, that was a good snack! Now it’s time for the next three classes!


Now we have a period of French down in the basement. The basement is a bit chill and drably coloured but hey, it’s charming! As I walk by the entrance to the library which is filled with posters and second graders I chat about current events with Ben, and Audrey, my twin sister! We are in the classroom and the lights are off. As I look around seeing the couches, desks, the bookshelf, and of course that mural of the world on the left wall I wonder. Could it be? Yes! We’re watching Hamilton in French today! I guess this is because we had the test yesterday! We have a double so we have time for half the musical. 🎵Alexander Hamilton! My name is Alexander Hamilton! And there’s a million things I haven’t done!🎵 Nice! Now we have Hebrew. I am working on a Sukkot project back upstairs in the primary classroom. I do some quick research on the four species and the sukkah and- RING! Is the period already over? I guess this block wasn’t as exciting. Lunch!! It appears I have breaded mac and cheese for lunch. The smell is relaxing and comforting like the sound of a fireplace.on’t even get me started on that cheesy and yet serene and bread-like taste! It’s recess, and all the boys plus Meirav are playing bump. I shoot… I score! Yes, a swoosh! Yes an out! It’s the end, just me and Ben. He hurls his ball as I take aim, and fire! Oh no his ball is headed straight for the net! Wait what’s that? My ball knocked his off track and landed in the net, Oh Yeah! (👍Kool-Aid man approves👍) Bing Bom, Bing Bong! Well, this block is over, see you in third!


We are back in the basement for science! The class is sitting, and listening in the makerspace. (The school science lab) We are classifying biotic and abiotic life forms in an image. Once we are done we watch a bill nye video on ecosystems. We answer some questions and the period has ended. Now we go back upstairs. We have to do some reading and question answering for Lookstein, an online Jewish studies program. We read through Perek 3 of Shmuel Bet a book about King David and that period too has passed (See what I did there?) Finally, it’s Jewish studies with Mr Washerstein. We have a class discussion about Simchat Torah which is on Sunday and then we play a game. The game is much like charades but the player can talk as long as they don’t say the name of the thing and the goal is to guess as many as possible in a time limit. Yardayna and Audrey win with 8 points! 🎵And now our day is done my friends! Our time here has come to an end! But I’ll miss you very much! Don’t forget to write and such!🎵 See you later! -Yours Truly Griffin Baker.

So that was my “Set the Scene” project. For the future I should probably use more advanced descriptive vocabulary, but overall I think I did a good job. See you next time!